safe to be unsafe and see the world differently

You have experienced a series of events in which emotion and logic have failed you. In my experience of these events, it is… uncomfortable.


At times, our emotional and behavioral as well as our thought patterns fail us. And Spock’s analysis is, well, a truly Vulcan understatement.

But let’s be clear: to an outsider, this detached view might be actually true. Our different imprint, history, and heritage might make it easier for another to see through the chaos you perceive as unbearable and un-interpretable.


What does aperspectival mean? According to Jean Gebser it is the ability to see multiple perspectives without valuing one over the others. This is what I can offer you: another view.

I call it accompanying.

I live online. We meet on Zoom, and if you ever come to Switzerland, we take a walk along Lake Constance.


I am a Gallup certified Strengths Coach (CliftonStrengths), Spiral Dynamics Practitioner, software architect, family father, even family patriarch (in the good sense), life-long learner, iconoclast, thinker, and pastor in exile.

Within the last years, I have survived cancer, started a new career, deconstructed and reconstructed my faith, and overcome several strokes of fate in my family. I will gladly help you through similar challenges.

I also love to have deep conversations about the things people are passionate about. I can help you formulate your dreams, discover your gifts, find your motivation. Or I can just listen to you so you can get clarity.


Mentors may not show us the way, but they show us there is a way. Accompagnateurs walk it with us.

You are in the Driver Seat. Sure, I have several tools that can help you find your way. We use them when the time is right.

Transformation is not a program, nothing that can be done in one session.

The details are best discussed directly, e.g. in a non-binding first conversation with each other. After all, it is important that the chemistry be right.

I coach in German too.