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Gallup Access Tips and Tricks

We have just undergone the transition from Gallup Strengths Center to Gallup Access, and there are changes. Some are more pleasant than others, and some need some love and creative workarounds. I have compiled some of the most important findings on my side to help you. This is mostly for coaches.

One of the greatest sources is the demo video that has been made by Gallup. It is one hour long, but well worth the time.

Code Management

Multi-Use Codes

Many have complained that newly purchased code bundles are for single use. This brakes some of the processes people tend to work with. It is cumbersome especially if you work together with companies and they do the code distribution for you, as they might not know the participants when getting the codes.

One solution for this is to buy a subscription. Further down I list some of the features that come with it. Here, the interesting thing is: you can buy multi-use codes, a feature that is not available in the free account.

But there is a workaround: This workaround has been deleted by Gallup lately, sorry. You can still transfer codes between bundles, but only with the same kind of codes and usage.

Buy the codes you need. They will be a bundle of single use codes. Now, instead of distributing them yourself, select an old bundle in Code Management.

You can now reactivate the bundle transferring codes from other bundles to it.

Transfer codes

If that does not appear, go to the new bundle and transfer codes to an old bundle from there.

You can move multiple codes at once.

Transferier codes

The only prerequisite: the codes have to be for the same product, like top5 for top5 or full34 for full34.


The action planning tool has been retired. In a subscription, there is a feature to plan actions per person.

But there is a replacement that is more flexible as Gallup can add new information to it easily: Resources.

The resources I am talking about have titles like “Ideation (Individual)” and are available for each and every theme from the resources menu.

To find them, filter for product CliftonStrengths and type Module or just search for them per name.

They give you a host of information around the talent theme, including the video and the one-page PDF we had in GSC. Though you have to search for the PDF a bit. Tip: it’s hidden under “If … is a lesser theme for you”.

The same information can be reached from the Summary page. Either click on the “Learn more” button next to your top 5, or use the “periodic system” Your CliftonStrengths Profile.

Learn more for Top 5

The periodic system has some more interesting features:

Click on a line in the DNA picture, and this talent theme is highlighted for you. Works for all talent themes included in your results.

When you now click on one of the tiles, you get the general description of the talent theme with a link back to the resource above.


And now we are going to tackle the elephant in the room. Since October 4th, we have some improvement on the process, and I changed the document accordingly.

The feature to export all people within a bundle has been depreciated. Some hiccups and lacks in the new solution have added to the confusion this brought about.

First the good news: Gallup is well aware of that and working on it with top priority.

Export has been moved to the community.

Export in Community tab

First the remaining bad news: there is still no way to select all people in a bundle. Some of this is possible in subscriptions using the team functionality.

Search and Full 34 export are available now since October 4th, 2019.

How do we now export all people within a bundle?

First, get all the names of the people for the export. If necessary, go to Code Management and select the bundle in question by clicking on it. Go to “Activated Codes” and select “Manage Selection”, “Export Codes to File”. You now have a file with all the names of the people that already took the assessment.

Go back to Strengths Community.

Now press “Export Strengths” and use the new search by name function Searching for one name after the other, add the participants to the export clicking the little circles in the tile and, when finished, download the file.

Select and Download

This file contains all the selected people. There is an overview you get just before downloading where you can exclude a person or go back (click on the X in the top right corner) to add some that you forgot.

The file contains all 34 talent themes if a person has finished all 34.

The file does not contain the date when the assessment was taken. This you find in the bundle file we exported from Code Management.

Yes, this is cumbersome, but much less cumbersome than before October 4th. And Gallup is still working on it.


Contact Gallup for a full feature list, pricing and conditions.

Feature List

This feature list is incomplete. Please contact a Gallup representative for further information.

  • Multi-use codes
  • Teams can be built and managed
  • Teams can be exported
  • A team grid can be created from within Access
  • Actions can be planned per person

A first feature list can be seen here. Follow the “Up Next” links near the end of the page above the contact form to the end to see it all.