Training Spiral Dynamics Coaches

I have been invited to become a Spiral Dynamics Trainer.

We are amidst a sense-making crisis and culture war 2.0 in Western society. It is challenging to understand the polarization that traditionalism, modernity and postmodernity bring to organizations, teams, and societies at large.

The Spiral Dynamics model, based on decades of research, provides insight into what really drives people’s behavior.

A growing number of organizations today are using Spiral Dynamics to understand cultural dynamics and find a way to deal with the diversity of employees, customers, and complex social challenges. Organizations interested in new ways of organizing and managing (such as the “Teal Culture” described in Reinventing Organizations) are using the model to assess their next step in development.


This online training provides participants with in-depth knowledge of Spiral Dynamics Integral and upon successful completion, you will receive a Spiral Dynamics Level 1 Certificate authorized by Don Beck.

I have been invited to become a Spiral Dynamics Trainer. To become certified, I must conduct three training courses.

I want to specialize in two audiences for the training:

  • People who are deconstructing their beliefs (from religion or ideology) or coaching such people.
  • Highly gifted people or coaches who are specialized in this field.

I am currently collecting applications from interested people so that the first course can take place this year.

If you know somebody who would be interested or would like to participate yourself, please let me know.