Create your Unique Selling Proposition

“Imaginative thinker and soberly observant visionary.” – ideation, learner, deliberative, intellection, and futuristic

In this exercise, we create a sentence together that describes us based on our top five strengths. To accomplish this, we’ll take the personalized Top 5 section or the full 34 Strengths report.

Our primary goal is a sentence with this structure: Adjective Noun and Adjective Adjective Noun.

This sounds complicated at first, but it’s simple. Here is an example:

Imaginative thinker and soberly observant visionary.

This sentence is mine and includes the strengths of ideation, learner, deliberative, intellection, and futuristic.

How did I proceed?

I read through my personal strength descriptions and first looked for two nouns. Then, I add the adjectives. Basically, I want one word from each strength.

You might not find the right words in your strength description. If you don’t, ask yourself: What words would I use to describe this strength in me? What comes to mind when I read this text?

After you find the five words, compose your sentence from them. Et voilà, your unique selling proposition is ready. If you’re not satisfied, tweak the sentence until you like it.

Alternatively, you can build other sentence constructs if you like:

As a visionary, I think imaginatively and observe soberly.

I think and observe constantly, and develop sober ideas and visions.

You might extend this to your dominant strengths. An example using intellection, connectedness, learner, ideation, and futuristic:

Networked thinker and lifelong learner, imaginative futurist.

I think through the big picture, learn as I go, develop new ideas for the future.

Now it’s up to you.