Coaching Teams and Businesses

Teams work together more efficiently and enjoy their work knowing their strengths.

How can teams work together more efficiently and enjoy their work even more?

Donald Clifton and Gallup describe it like this: If I know my strengths and those of my employees. Then tasks can be distributed accordingly, and we can help each other where things are more difficult for us.

According to Gallup’s extensive worldwide research, this has quite measurable results:


  • are 6x more likely to be engaged at work and connected to the company
  • are 7.8% more productive in their role
  • are 3x more likely to have a higher quality of life
  • and are 6x more likely to do what they love every day.

But what are strengths? Already today, we try to deploy our employees in a way that they have the necessary skills for the job?

Skills are not strengths in the sense of CliftonStrengths. Skills are job-related abilities, while strengths are defined this way:

A strength is the ability to consistently perform, so to speak, perfectly in a particular activity.

Strengths develop from innate talents through investment of time and practice.

Coaching will provide you and your employees with the following:

  • personal report with full 34 strengths
  • personal coaching to put your strengths to use
  • the distribution of strengths in the team
  • ways to compensate and complement missing strengths
  • suggestions for building a strengths culture in the company

In addition, we create a cultural profile of your employees: which values and world views are present in your company, and how can you develop this further?

Worldviews differ vehemently, and so do their communication styles. Coaching helps integrate them.

Based on the results, we will develop action strategies.