Laura Stavinoha

The subtitle of Ralph’s book is called ‘A toolbox to deconstruct your faith without losing it’, but it is much more than that. For someone like me, who has not been brought up in a religious environment, the toolbox that is offered here is just as valuable.

With or without a religious context, the question ‘How can I be a good person and live a good life, according to my values?’ is relevant for everyone who is willing to self-reflect and grow as a person, and this book is an excellent choice to guide you through that process. 

I especially found it insightful to learn about Spiral Dynamics. Following this theory, Ralph’s extended and personal essay offers relevant meaning to the bible and the time it was written. He explains how societies evolve through so-called ‘value memes’, and how consequently, humanity is continuously developing according to a logical pattern. 

The biggest takeaway for me was that we could never have arrived at our current time in history without the necessary movement through the consecutive memes, even the ones we now often call bad or outdated. In order to grow, we need the focus on self just as much as the focus on community. I recommend this book to everyone who aspires to be an independent thinker.

Link to the book.

Laura is a musician, performer, writer, producer and coach, with the voice at center. She can be found at “Use Your Voice.” Laura is the author of Voice: A Multifaceted Approach to Self-Growth and Vocal Empowerment.