Spiral Dynamics

Together, we discover and strengthen your unique mix of talents. We examine your motivations and limiting beliefs. And we decode the culture and worldviews you encounter in yourself and others.

You have experienced a series of events in which emotion and logic have failed you. In my experience of these events, it is … uncomfortable. — Spock

At times, our emotional, behavioral, and thought patterns fail us. And Spock’s analysis is, well, a truly Vulcan understatement.

But let’s be clear: to an outsider, this detached view might be actually true. Our different imprint, history, and heritage might make it easier for another to see through the chaos you perceive as unbearable and un-interpretable.

  • About Me

    In my coaching, I focus on coming alongside you and accompanying you through your growth process, using Tools when and only when necessary.

What does Aperspectival mean? According to Jean Gebser it is the ability to see multiple perspectives without valuing one over the others. This is what I can offer you: another view.

Coaches may not show us the way, but they show us there is a way. An Accompagnateur walks the path with us.

I coach in German too.

The Unfiltered Thoughts of a Pastor in Exile

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