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aperspectival: looking at things from different sides with no preference

  • cairn stones and body of water in distance


    There are four sources of knowledge: science, reason, imagination and intuition. We today favor the first two and are skeptical toward the other two.

  • Markus Züger

    I know few people who have such profound knowledge of various fields as is the case with Ralph Rickenbach.

  • Positive Disintegration

    Positive Disintegration originated with Kazimierz Dabrowski, a psychologist and psychiatrist from Poland and Canada who lived through both world wars.

  • Eveline Tschurr

    This has been the most inspiring morning in a while. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. The clarity of your thoughts, the connections you make, the forks you take, and how you condense everything afterward—I just love listening to you.

  • Training Spiral Dynamics Coaches

    I have been invited to become a Spiral Dynamics Trainer.

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    CliftonStrengths© does not focus on the negative. Your assessment is not focused on eliminating weaknesses, but on enhancing talents.

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