• Aphantasia

    Aphantasia. That is an interesting word. What does it mean?

  • Forward, Sideways, Backward

    James Lindsay claims that Woke is Maoism with Western characteristics.

  • Where we are – most probably

    In the last few months, AI has become ubiquitous. AI has been around for decades. I studied AI in the 90s of the last century, when many of the algorithms used today were discovered and engineered, waiting for the computing power to emerge to be of use.

  • The Enneagram

    In addition to the tools I mainly use in my coaching, I also like to use the Enneagram.

  • Laura Stavinoha

    The subtitle of Ralph’s book is called ‘A toolbox to deconstruct your faith without losing it’, but it is much more than that. For someone like me, who has not been brought up in a religious environment, the toolbox that is offered here is just as valuable.

  • Coaching Pastors and Churches

    Strengthening the cooperation of pastors, leaders, and the congregation.