Coaching offerings

I live in Switzerland. But modern technology has made it possible to coach without boarders without leaving home. This has me offer you distinct ways of coaching independent of where you are.

I offer one-on-one coaching and team workshops on Zoom–or in person in Switzerland.

One-on-one Coaching

High quality connection

Each session with me is a virtual video meeting, providing in-depth insight into a personally relevant topic. We begin with strength, honor your process, and hold you accountable to your best self.

Sessions are conducted virtually and run 60 or 90 minutes.

Personality profiles and Tools

We use the Tools appropriate for your topic from a variety of possibilities. I just name two:

CliftonStrengths Talent Profile

A research-based tool built upon many years of data, this tool is provided by Gallup, and offers a language to describe your most natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior.

Spiral Dynamics Personal, Change, or Cultural Profile

Where other tests and research are based on behavior, ValueMatch’s Spiral Dynamics profiles measure underlying value systems. This enables us to uncover the dynamics between people and their environment.

A one-time cost of the assessments is included in your first coaching session or whenever the tool is added to your coaching.

Powerful questions & perspective

Other than consulting or counseling, coaching puts you in the driver’s seat. We will explore open-ended questions and judgment-free observations to guide you to your best path for action.

Team Workshops

Pre-Session Consultation

Set the expectation from the start. This is a one-on-one conversation between me and your team leader, to share relevant team experiences, desired outcomes, and ways of getting the most out of your team investment.

Interactive Team Conversation

Discovering the talent within your group can be a fun team event. It can also be a meaningful starting point that changes how you see and honor one another. We prefer the second option, which requires a shared goal. Potential goals include building stronger collaboration, addressing communication challenges, or planning for growth.

Individual Follow-Up Coaching

Individual coaching will help you to sustain what we began in the team event.


If you reside in Switzerland or close by at the German border, please have a look at my coaching pages in German for long-term coaching here, and for CliftonStrengths and Spiral Dynamics here.