• The Enneagram

    In addition to the tools I mainly use in my coaching, I also like to use the Enneagram.

  • Resources

    There are four sources of knowledge: science, reason, imagination and intuition. We today favor the first two and are skeptical toward the other two.

  • Positive Disintegration

    Positive Disintegration originated with Kazimierz Dabrowski, a psychologist and psychiatrist from Poland and Canada who lived through both world wars.

  • CliftonStrengths

    CliftonStrengths© does not focus on the negative. Your assessment is not focused on eliminating weaknesses, but on enhancing talents.

  • Spiral Dynamics

    Developed by Prof. Clare W. Graves and Dr. Don Beck, Spiral Dynamics® is a model and language that describes the evolutionary development of human consciousness.