safe to be unsafe and see the world differently

Strengths and Values

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Do you like your work? Are you OK with your performance, or even better, your life? Do you know how you tackle things? How do you see the world? And what about those around you? I help you find out.

A positive approach to knowing myself and others – that is so much more fun than trying to find out and fix what is wrong with me.

The methods I use come from a different angle than most assessments: its not about becoming a better human being, leading a frugal life, or fitting in. It’s all about excellence.

The tools I use

CliftonStrengths© focuses on the positive. Learn to love and strengthen your talents, explore what weaknesses mean for you, and learn to notice and manage them. Learn to understand why you do things the way you do.

Full 34 Report (German version, available in English)

Spiral Dynamics® is all about different worldviews. The assessment helps you understand why you think the way you and others think and opens up whole new possibilities.

Values Profile (German version, available in English)

Obviously, those papers are not all that is to this. I will help you name and claim your strengths and apply them daily in your life and work.

By the way, I reside at the north-eastern border of Switzerland, speak German and English, do in-person coaching as well as Zoom or email. Learn more about the products I offer here.